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Our Services

StoneTech is the market leader with a variety of services to choose from to help you preserve the NATURAL beauty of all kinds of natural or engineered stones


StoneTech provides the following services island-wide

  • Stone related Consultation

  • Specialized indoor / outdoor stone maintenance and restoration services

  • Wall and floor restoration grinding, honing, polishing and protection (sealing)

  • Repair and restoration to all natural and engineered stones

  • Counter-top/table restoration

  • Grout cleaning, removal/Replacement and Repair with Mastic (Marble Glue)

  • Pressure cleaning of vertical/horizontal surfaces

Granite Restoration

Granite restoration is a very detail-oriented & meticulous process. Granite crack and chip repair is an art in itself for good results to be achieved having the right experience and right tools for the job is crucial, this means the difference between a fairly decent repair job and a work of art. We can make your granite surface look great again... Call us and try!

Concrete Polishing

Polished concrete is fast becoming the ultimate no-wax flooring material and has become very popular in high traffic areas as it provides an easy maintenance surface

A Polished Concrete floor provides an extremely high quality durable finish similar in appearance to natural stones, such as marble or terrazzo, but with a superior hardness and a resistance to traffic wear.

Thanks to recent advances in concrete polishing equipment and techniques, we have now diversified into grinding concrete flooring as well, whether new or old, to a very high-gloss finish that never needs waxing or coatings that can peel or wear off easily.

A client can always determine whether they would like to have a coloured or un-coloured finish to meet their maintenance and appealing requirements, as each step in the process increases the shine and reflectivity of the surface, as it is a multi-step process.

However, clients who are unsure if they want a fully polished look, or a honed finish with some surface shine, can review the floor at the various process of the diamond grits to determine the level of gloss they so desire